Hi 👋
I'm Muhammad Taha. I’m currently a senior year undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

I'm generally interested in Systems and also have experience working in Applied Machine Learning. Currently, I'm working in the exciting areas of:

• Cloud Control Plane Reliability

• Systems for Machine Learning


August 2022-Dec 2022

Head Teaching Assistant

CS 582: Distributed Systems
Instructor: Prof. Zafar Ayyub Qazi

I am assisting Dr. Zafar Ayyub Qazi in the graduate level course, CS 582: Distributed Systems in Fall Semester 2022. My responsibilities include, grading programming assignments, answering queries on piazza, conducting tutorials & office hours, and helping with the quizzes

June 2022-Present

Undergraduate Research Intern

xLab, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Advisors: Prof. Tianyin Xu, Prof. Owolabi Legunson

We are working on improving the reliability of cloud control planes by developing automatic testing techniques for operators in cluster management systems

May 2022-Present

Undergraduate Research Intern

Networks and Systems Group (NSG), LUMS
Advisors: Prof. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi, Prof. Zafar Ayyub Qazi, Prof. Agha Ali Raza

We are working on improving the federated optimization process in heterogenous networks by leveraging model pruning and adaptive model serving to reduce the impact of statistical and system heterogeneity on model performance

August 2021-May 2022

Research Assistant

Center for Speech and Language Technologies (CSaLT), LUMS
Advisor: Prof. Agha Ali Raza

We worked to create an optical character recognition engine for Urdu Language as a component of a real-time Urdu text to speech software and deployed it on the web


I enjoy chess (Mikhail Tal is my fav player of all time)