Muhammad Taha



taha10 (at)

I’m a first-year MS CS student at Purdue University, deeply interested in the captivating world of computer systems and software. Currently, I’m engaging in research that aims to achieve high-streaming analytics by partially offloading computation to programmable network switches.

Previously, I spent four wonderful years as an undergraduate student at LUMS, Pakistan. Supervised by remarkable advisors Prof. Zafar A. Qazi, Ihsan A. Qazi, and Prof. Agha A. Raza, I worked to create a more inclusive and robust framework for federated learning. Our focus on device participation in developing countries provided valuable insights into system heterogeneity and its impact on federated learning.

During my final year, I also worked under my brilliant mentors Prof. Tianyin Xu and Prof. Owolabi Legunsen at UIUC SysNet on automatic testing for cloud system reliability. Through this fascinating experience, I became more aware of the challenges of ensuring reliability and performance in complex systems comprising multiple integrated components.


  • Graduation with High-Merit
  • Dean's Honor List
  • Full-Merit Scholarship


  • Head Teaching Assistant, LUMS
    • CS 582: Distributed Systems (Fall 2022)


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